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Age spots: What are they and what causes them?

Age spots are harmless skin discolorations that develop in the face, hands and neck of sometimes younger people in their twenties, but are commonly found on older people in their forties or so. They are naturally brown in color and their discolored nature affects the overall look of person, therefore, making treatment a requirement to remove them. Age spots are also referred to as liver or sun spots because they are mainly caused by the ultra violet rays of the sun.

The formation of the darker pigments is instigated by continuous and significant exposure to direct sun as the ultra violet rays eventually penetrate the skin. This is a natural reaction of the excessively exposed skin to harmful rays. Age spots are considered nonthreatening and are not a cause or an indication for the inception of skin cancers. They naturally occur in time, this implies that they can never be prevented.

anti-aging treatments

Treatment used for Age Spots

Less frequent exposure to the sun and application of good creams when there is sun exposure are first-rate prevention methods of early development of age spots. They are not treatable once they occur. Procedures used for removing anti-aging spots are similar to the ones used for other anti-aging treatments which can be used; however, consulting a physician is advised. Some of these treatments are:

Chemical Peels

This method usually takes a little longer as the peel will occur progressively until the skin tone is attained; nevertheless the chemical peel consists of acidic agents that have been confirmed to be an operative process at eradicating liver spots.

Age Spots Creams

Age spots creams are used to reveal the skin underneath by bleaching the sun spots out. Hydroquinone is one of the active ingredients used that help out in discoloration. A healthier skin is also helpful and that is why Vitamins A and C are also included to promote a healthier glowing skin.

Retinoid Treatment

Retinoid is a prescribed type of cream that is applied topically to the affected areas that aids in fading away the spots and stimulating a healthy skin at the same time. Although for the duration of the treatment the cream tends to dry up the skin, the anti-oxidants in it are ideal for skin cells and tissues preservation.

Sun Screen

Usage of the enduring dependable sunscreen lotions and creams is almost certainly the most prevalent way of stopping the occurrence of sun spots. Prevention has always been better than cure that’s why the use of sun block is advised as it protects the skin from penetration of the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Sun block will not fade the age spots but will definitely preserve the skin a more youthful glow and lessen the existence of skin cancers.

Laser Treatment

Together with other anti-aging treatments, a laser treatment is used to remove sun spots. A younger-looking blemish free skin is obtained as the intense heat of the laser beams burns away the spots. Normally, laser treatments are expensive since they consist of a number of stages as and need a number of appointments to the doctor. For optimal results, the procedures are essential.

The safest methods to use are chemical peels and sun block as they have lesser chances to have undesirable side effects compared to the other techniques.
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